How to Prevent Mold and Mildew

You’re lucky if your home or building is not infected with mold and mildew. There are a lot of factors rooting to black mold infestation, but the good news is that there are several measures you can take to prevent it. Never ignore even the earliest signs of mold on any surface of your house. Even a little discoloration on the surface is a clear indication that there is an underlying moisture problem. Simply wiping cannot solve this issue and it may lead to a large and expensive problem for you in the future if ignored.

The most important part in preventing any mildew and mold build up is finding the weakest spots where they commonly start.

Fix Leaky Plumbing – Always check the most common problematic areas where water pipes run like waste lines, water pipes, plumbing fixtures, or icemaker lines. Mold will feed off any leak in your home. Be sure to do a simple mold test by letting the water run and checking these areas for wet spots.

Check External Leaks – Molds can grow in the exterior ceiling or wall of your house, too. The first places you must investigate for possible leaks are your roof, wall, window wells, roof flashing, vents, or the surrounding areas of rotting wood. Proper installation of flashing is necessary for fixing any leak.

Mold Testing – Discoloration on your wall or ceiling is not necessarily mold, depending on its size or the discolored area. You can get a mold test kit for detecting mold presence and mold type. It may not tell you how to cure it, but it’s a good start. Swab the dirt by mixing 1:16 bleach and water respectively. After dipping the swab and dabbing it on the spot where the dirt is, you can safely assume it’s mold when it lightens quickly but doesn’t disappear.

Additives and mold-resistant materials – There are building materials nowadays that are water-resistant and mold-resistant. If you have no choice but to rebuild an already infected area or if you’re planning to construct your home, the wisest way to prevent mold infestation is by using these materials. Additives like Mildewcide on your paint on top of a primer coat that is mildew-resistant will have an almost zero chance of mold growth.

Green and Antimicrobial Spray – Green and Antimicrobial Spray – Improved and safe antimicrobial spray is now available to prevent any chance of mold from growing back. When it comes to tiled and cemented areas like tub and countertop, you may also spray with this treatment. Depending on the size of affected areas, you may clean and spray small areas once moisture is gone. But you might require fogging for a much larger area reeking with a musty odor. If rebuilding is needed, you should re-grout after spraying.

Prevent mold and mildew build up even before it starts. No home is safe from mold unless precautionary measures are observed. What the experts say is true: prevention is better than cure.