Hard Surface Cleaning in Greenville, SC

Whether you manage a business or a household, it's natural for you to want your space to be as clean and sanitary as possible. But cleaning and maintaining your hard surfaces takes time, effort, and in some cases, the right tools and supplies. So if you're looking for reliable hard surface cleaning services, turn to our team for assistance. At Steamatic, we provide a wide range of cleaning services for residential and commercial customers alike.

Service You Can Count On

At Steamatic, we understand how important it is for you to maintain a clean, sanitary home or facility. That's why we've made it our business to employ hard-working, dedicated cleaning professionals who take pride in the work we do. Every member of our team is committed to doing a great job, no matter the task at hand. And we keep our rates competitive without ever skimping on quality.

Keep your hard surfaces looking their best. Contact Steamatic in Greenville, SC today to learn more about our hard surface cleaning services and to request a quote.

What is hard surface cleaning?

Hard surface cleaning is the cleaning of wood, stone, concrete, marble and tile flooring. Homeowners are only able to do so much to keep these surfaces clean. Sweeping and mopping regularly can help, but over time soils will build up on hard surfaces and cause erosion. Eventually hard surfaces will require professional cleaning. Professional hard surface cleaning uses the proper equipment, tools, and cleaning products to restore hard surface flooring. Each type of hard surface will require a different technique and treatment, and professional technicians will be trained on how to handle each type effectively, without damaging the material.

Is hard surface cleaning safe on my flooring?

If done properly by a professional, hard surface cleaning will not damage your flooring. In fact, it will have your floors looking better than ever. Steamatic's hard surface technicians are trained and certified in the techniques for cleaning any type of flooring. Wood, tile, and stone each require different cleaning methods, tools and products, and our technicians are trained and experienced in cleaning each and every one.

Can hard surface cleaning be done on my tile walls and showers?

While hard surface cleaning typically refers to hard surface flooring, the same basic principles are true for cleaning tile walls and showers as well. Professional hard surface cleaning technicians are trained and experienced in cleaning ceramic tiles, including grout. However, there are some differences between cleaning tile flooring and tile showers and walls. For instance, tile showers will be exposed to moisture and humidity, so they are likely to have mildew. This will require different cleaning tactics and products, which Steamatic's technicians are fully equipped to handle.