Upholstery Cleaning Services in Greenville, SC

Is your carpet or upholstery in need of a little professional attention? Even the most stubborn stains and odors are no match for the professionals at Steamatic in Greenville, SC.

Clean, Restore and Protect

No matter how careful you are, eventually your upholstery will most likely become dirty or stained. The likelihood of this increases if you have pets or young children. Not only are stains and dirt unsightly and unhygienic, older upholstery that hasn't been cleaned will become filled with dust and other allergens. Instead of tossing your beloved couch to the curb, consider having your furniture professionally cleaned by Steamatic.

Our technicians follow a standard process to ensure that your upholstery is cleaned properly, no matter what type of fabric. First, our specialists will inspect the fabric to determine the fiber type. Secondly, they will perform a color fastness test to make sure the upholstery is cleaned using the safest technique for the material. Next, we will apply a pre-conditioner to loosen any dirt that is ground into the fabric. We then extract the soil and rinse the fabric. If needed, we will spot-treat the area with our high-quality cleaning products to completely eradicate the stain. Finally, the upholstery will be thoroughly dried, and we will give it a final inspection. After Steamatic completes our efficient upholstery cleaning process, your furniture will look, smell, and feel clean and fresh.

At Steamatic, we know clean. We have the in-depth knowledge it takes to achieve an exceptional clean while protecting the color and texture of your carpet or upholstery. We use the highest quality products and industry-leading techniques to eliminate even the toughest stains and odors, restoring your carpet or upholstery to its original beauty. And when you hire Steamatic, you can expect some of the best customer service in Greenville, SC. All of our technicians are extensively trained and hand-selected for their professionalism and attention to detail. You'll get outstanding results backed by a solid commitment to your total satisfaction.

Don't put up with that dingy, stained carpet or upholstery for another day. Call the experts at Steamatic today to schedule your cleaning.