Best Places to Visit in Greenville, SC

It will take more than just a day or two to visit and experience all of Greenville's best attractions and hospitality. However, you can make the most out of your limited stay by visiting these places where tourists seem to flock and have an excellent time.


YThe center of nightlife attractions is in downtown Greenville. The city is no longer as concentrated in one area, so you now have more options on which part of town to visit. A wide selection of concerts, theatre performances, ballet, orchestra, live comedy, or hop from one bar and pub to the next will make for a very promising night of fun and excitement.

Live Music

Your love for music will be satisfied with a jam-packed schedule all throughout the week. You have unlimited choices on which show or what type of music to enjoy at these local venues.

Free All-time Favorite Attractions

The cost of local attractions varies in price, but you can also find things to do and places to go for free in Greenville. Some destinations are easy to visit while some would require you to take a rented car or take public transportations across the city. Be sure to check on the days and hours of operations as some may be closed at least once or twice a week.

Pizza Parlors

The Italian fuses with the Southern and the result is bursting flavors in every slice. Pizzerias are always top destinations for both local and international travelers. No matter how you want to enjoy your pizza, there a place for you in the heart of downtown Greenville and the surrounding area.

The reflection of great history combined with the modern touch of technology makes Greenville a destination worthy of your visit. From the famous southern food to music, outdoor activities, or simply a life in the country, explore what the expanding and evolving city can offer to make your vacation a truly memorable one.