3 Things to Consider When Relocating to Greenville, SC

If you’re tired of living in major metropolitan cities with all their inconveniences, Greenville, SC is waiting for you to make it your new haven.

Balance Between City Life and Country Living

Mountains in the background, famous lakes, and beautiful landscape will greet your eyes. Even though Greenville, SC is home to more than 200 international companies and 170 corporate headquarters, you can still enjoy country living at its best. The booming industry is a great contribution to the country’s economy when it comes to foreign industrial investment and agriculture. The hospital and health care system in the city is also one of the finest in the South. Home to Cancer Center of the Carolinas, Oncology Research Institute, St. Francis Surgery Center, and more are just a few examples of top quality services and facilities.

Places, Recreation, Entertainment, and Gastronomic Adventure

Situated in downtown Greenville are restaurants, retail shops, condominiums, theatre and concert centers, and a sports arena. You will never run out places to visit, events to attend, concerts, Broadway shows and sports to watch all year round. The center of attraction of downtown Greenville is the natural waterfall that flows proudly for locals and international tourists. The southern cuisine is ready for your taste buds and you will have a splash of gastronomical adventure each time you try one out of 120 restaurants. When it comes to recreation, choose from among the 51 golf courses, 12 parks in the state within a one-hour radius, and live Greenville Drive baseball games.

Location and Weather

The brisk air fresh from the mountains will greet you in the morning during springtime and winter seasons with occasional rain showers. The average high is 88 degrees F in July and average low is 32 degrees F in January. You will experience snowfall every now and then with an average snowfall of 2 inches per year. Situated between the major Southern cities of Charlotte and Atlanta, the strategic location of Greenville, SC is perfect for the trucking industry. Either direction you take will lead you to the major cities surrounding it. Driving to Asheville will take you about an hour while driving to Atlanta will take you about 2 hours and 30 minutes. If you want to visit the state’s famous beach and famous golf destination, drive to Myrtle Beach for 4 hours and 30 minutes. Travelling to visit historic Charleston will take you about 3 hours and 30 minutes drive. For leisure and sports, head 4 hours south to Hilton Head Island.

The picturesque beauty of greenery and mountains, combined with booming industries is already attracting more tourists and people relocating. When you’re feeling lost and contemplating finding a new home, these are the 3 things to consider when relocating to Greenville SC.